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Sorcery Walkthrough – Part 1 The Tower Let’s Play PS3 Move ( Gameplay / Commentary)


Sorcery Walkthrough – Part 1 The Tower Let’s Play PS3 Move ( Gameplay / Commentary)

Sorcery Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of Sorcery with Live Gameplay and Commentary on PS3 with Move in high definition

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Sorcery Walkthrough - Part 1 The Tower Let's Play PS3 Move ( Gameplay / Commentary)

Sorcery Gameplay (PS3)


  1. game was great…but I think it would be better if it was for the VR for the ps4….think about it

  2. i also like the combat in this game cuz you just flail around like a lunatic and wish to hit something

  3. omg! i Remember when this first came out gamestop had a demo set up and i played while my dad had to run across the street.(I was 17 almost 18 and we knew the manager so it wasn't a problem.) it was so much fun I would have bought it if i didn't have a xbox 360 at the time. now that i have switched to ps3 I reaaaally want it. haha.

  4. Comment which comment is your favorite and comment what you think after you read them, okay?
    1. Fun fact: Finn is voiced by Charlie Schlatter.
    2. I'd like to be a sorceress.
    3. Cute pet. 🙂
    4. This kind of reminds me of "Fantasia: The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Don't you think so?
    5. Jeez! Quite a disobedient apprentice.
    6. Taste like what?
    7. Careful not to get carried away, Finn.
    8. Now, I'd really like to be a sorceress!
    9. Grave dust, huh?
    10. Can you press a button to jump?
    11. I like both Finn and Erline. I just wish they get along with each other like true friends.
    12. Some of their behaviors remind me of "Ben 10". Except, without aliens.
    13. In the land of the dead. Heck boy, ain't it grand?
    14. A fish bowl?

  5. right off the bat I can safely stay that this game is pure beauty,and you're gonna do justice by it in a heart beat!

  6. unfortunately no, i bought a move controller and tried the demo of this game, it's control just awesome, the motion controls made it so unique, if they made it playable with the dualshock3 / sixaxis it would be so cool yes but the game won't be something special.

  7. Well im not saying your wrong but i think the book of spells is a lot more of your kind of harry potter game considering its set in the land of harry potter

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