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Top 10 Best PS4 Role-playing Games | Playstation 4 RPGs


Top 10 Best PS4 Role-playing Games | Playstation 4 RPGs

Top 10 PS4 Role-Playing Games | RPG


  1. I've never even beaten The Witcher 3 and honestly feel like it's a bit over-hyped. It's not that I think it's a bad game, I just feel like it's badly paced. The first parts of the game have you primarily​ exploring the wilderness, and questing and it was fun as hell. Then suddenly I have to go to Novigrad and I find myself just running around for hours on end and listening to exposition I don't care about praying it will end soon. I swear, it's like The Citadel in the original Mass Effect all over again, only longer and with no humorous conversations between my companions to break up the monotony. I tried and failed to overcome my boredom in this part of the game on 3 separate occasions and at this point I've simply given up.

  2. the number 10 one SOOO THATS THE GAME MIKUS MODULE IS COSPLAYING AS cause she has so many Sega costumes

  3. This may have already been mentioned in the comments, but one of the reasons Skyrim didn't get a higher play score is because most people play it on Xbox one. Reason being because Sony decided to screw fans on the mods, unlike Microsoft. It's the reason I play it on Xbox instead of PS4, anyway. That's just my take on it, though.

  4. It's sad that this list contains so many remastered titles instead of new ones. That's the state of current gen consoles. REMASTER THIS, REMASTER THAT! If it wasn't for Persona 5 coming out in NA next month, I would have never bought a PS4.

  5. you all wanna argue about what game should rank where? just be glad we've got so many good rpgs on the ps4. good times

  6. if DSIII and Bloodborne are "RPGs" you may as well consider GoW as one also. Gravity Rush and Odin's Sphere are not RPGs either
    FFXIV and Elder Scrolls are more RPG than these.
    Tales of Zestria, Witcher 3, FFXIV and Elder Scrolls should have made the list.

  7. bloodbrone and darksouls 3 must be a paid rating from maker to rater. those two game are the fail examples.

  8. One game that always gets left behind and slept on is Rainbow Moon. I wish people would give this more credit as it's fantastic and one of the best RPG games I've seen in a long time, they're got Rainbow Skies coming this year too so I hope that you guys can show it some love. The developers are brilliant and only a small independent team but they are so good. They really do deserve more credit. Rainbow Moon was one of the best games in a long time but it always seems to get left behind for some reason, probably due to lack of exposure I guess.

  9. the witcher 3 isn't just the best rpg ever..on the ps4 or otherwise. it's simply the best game, the best experience ever. any media, any thing. hail to its majesty forever. praise the most holy cd projekt red.

  10. Fallout 4 lived up to all the hype? uhmm what? I tend to agree for the most part with this list but that comment did make me chuckle a little inside.

  11. how do you get the point of view they were showing in inquisition? i only get distant 3rd person and top down tactical. just wondering

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