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Why You Should Buy the PS3?


First, let’s explain what the PS3 can do. The PS3 can deliver a gaming experience beyond anything you know today. It has a built in Blu-ray disc drive and provides high definition graphics and all new multimedia experience you probably haven’t seen.

When I first got my PS3, I was doing the same research you’re probably doing right now. You’ve heard about the PS3 from either your friends or family. Maybe they want you to get it so they can play online or maybe you’ve seen a few games that look pretty cool and wanted to play. I’ve been their done that!! When I started doing my research on the different gaming systems such as Xbox 360 and the Wii, I wanted to know what the best was for the money. I didn’t care so much about the different games out there since most video game companies now usually make a game for all the systems.

For example, Madden football or NCAA football, you see these games on all the systems and there’s no difference in how the game operates. Sure, some gaming systems have their signature games for their console like Xbox 360 has “Halo” and the Wii has “Mario brothers” but those are just single games that eventually get boring just like any other game. You’re probably like me when it comes to a game or know someone like me, when it comes to games that I usually beat or have beaten several times, it gets boring and I’m ready to trade those games ASAP. Which brings me to my next point about games?

Most gaming companies now offer online gaming which sometimes is better than playing the offline game. The PS3 allows you to get online for FREE to play any game. There are no buying cards that allow time on the net. Think about it, you’ve paid for a game such as “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” which costs about $60; do you think you should have to pay an additional fee to play online? This is why I enjoy my PS3 so much, no buying some Xbox live cards which runs a monthly fee or buying time cards to play the Wii. Did I mention that the PS3 offers an online store where in fact you can see the latest new games, see the game trailers, maybe even try out the demo for FREE!! They also offer movie trailers of upcoming movies, updated sport scores, News and online community where you create your own character and able to speak to others online. Its truly one of the best systems out there and I haven’t even touch the surface about this awesome system.

When I was looking at buying a video game console, I wanted something that I can do more with for less. The PS3 has a Blu-ray hard drive with high definition graphics. You probably are wondering what the deal with Blu-ray is anyway. Well have you ever went into Best buy or your local electronic store and make your way back to the TV’s and see some of the crystal clear pictures? Or maybe seen a DVD being played on those TV’s? More than likely it’s probably Blu-ray or the TV supports Blu-ray, which is a different article I will have to explain about. Blu-ray is so nice, the picture, the quality of graphics is amazing. Now you don’t need one of those expansive TV’s to experience the PS3, Honestly I don’t have anything special when it comes to my TV. I just wanted this system because I knew that TV’s are changing and movies are changing and the money it costs for new TV’s and Blu-rays are still high in price in my check book!!

Remember when people use to carry around a CD player everywhere then went? Look at technology now; we have iPods, MP3 players about the size of a 50 cent piece that holds something like 200-500 songs. The Blu-ray drive in the PS3 is the new start of technology in movies. More and more movies being made are coming out in Blu-ray, eventually DVD’s are going to be a thing of the past just like video cassettes were. Remember those things? I remember when DVD’s started coming out, everyone was telling me about how great they are and I still think they are great but let’s face it, Blu-ray discs are much better. Blu-ray increases the quality of the graphics plus you can do everything like DVD’s but instead they offer more in-depth stuff. How many times have you scratched the surface of the DVD and when you watch it there is a jump in the movie or even worst, you can’t play it? With the Blu-ray discs and player, it has a scratched resistance surface meaning if you drop it, it will still play.

Besides watching Blu-ray movies on the PS3 (you can watch regular DVD’s too) it has a link support as well. If you have a PSP (hand held gaming system) you can download games onto the PSP. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression that everything online at the PlayStation network store is FREE. If you want to download demos, patches, movie and game previews then it’s free. There are games such as big name games offered at your local retail store you can buy online through the network which downloads right to your system or other little games that run about $4-$9 you can download. Did I also mention that the PS3 can play the old PlayStation 1 or 2 games? It can but make sure you check on the box that it has the rewritable compatibly on it, some PS3 do and others don’t. I think if you get the 80 GB PlayStation 3 it can play all the PlayStation games ranging back to PlayStation 1. For some reason I heard that the 40 GB PlayStation 3 can’t play the old PlayStation games but that might have changed.

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