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xbox 360 live gamertags?


my gamertag is redsoxrulez777 (dont ask)

games i have

Halo 3


Gow 1

Madden 08

Mlb 2k6

And assassins creed but its not live. i went in to get a couple games like left 4 dead but i would rather more games but cheaper. like halo 3 was only 40 and madden 08 and mlb 2k6 together was 15. so thats about one newer game. and the rest were pretty cheap so i bought em. gta 4- like 30 ish.same with gow. and assassins creed was very cheap. only like 20.

i got off topic. if you have some of these games add me on xbl.

( i dont really play mlb 2k6 )

o and the next game i get (prolly next friday ) will be Call of duty 5

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  1. Buy the orange box for 19.93 at wal-mart

    Rainbow six vegas 2 for 24.99 at futureshop

    Oh and call of duty 5 hasn’t been released yet you mean you will be getting Call of duty WaW. Call of duty modern Warfare 2 (Cod 5) will be released in december 2009

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