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Xbox One Collection 2016 – This Generation’s Best Console?


Xbox One Collection 2016 - This Generation's Best Console?

Xbox One Holiday Promotion


  1. Need to stop cutting your videos up, I realise u think ur rambling but it's better than ur video jumping all the time. Loved your videos tho man

  2. I have a PC but I want something to play movies and games
    But the Xbox is way to fucking expensive so idk what to do

  3. I am hoping to get a used xbox one on ebay in the next few months. I want to have all of the consoles for this generation. I just need the XBone. It will mostly be played for its great exclusives.

  4. I own a PS4, I've owned a PlayStation ever since the first one came out, and never once have I owned an Xbox. I really wanted to get the 360, but I feared of getting the red ring of death because my friend, who had a 360, had that happened so I went with the PS3 (I did love the exclusives like God of War III, all three Resistance games, the rebooted Twisted Metal…)   Nevertheless, I do love the PS4, but I've always wanted an Xbox. So, this coming summer, I'm planning to buy the Xbox One (no, like I said, it's because I'm disappointed with Sony) and try the exclusives, like Halo, Gears of War, Sunset Overdrive, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

  5. The Xbox controller is more comfortable than the ps4 in my opinion. Mainly because of the placement of the analogue sticks. Ps4 controllers hurt my thumbs after a short period of time using it.

  6. I have 36 xboxone games and 127 xbox360 2 ps4 games 1 PS3 games 48 ps2 games and 21 ps1 games

  7. Here in Europe , Germany is the place i live in i bought my Xbox One console as a bundel with Batman Arkham Knight and the Download Code for Halo The Masterchief Collection including one controller for 360€ !!! Wanted the One with witcher 3 but it was sold out at that time ! Got to get that witcher 3 game !

  8. A big part on what u do is steal a gaming idea, develop it, then sell it to the public as if it is ur own idea a good example is Cortana

  9. Who else would love an Xbox one Star Wars Battlefront bundle with custom colouring and illustrations on it? If Xbox is saying they are listening to their followers, then they will make what we want! Who's I'm?

  10. Xbox, I really want to know why you need to do a 5 to 24 hour install for each game, taking up all the storage ( I only have 6 games and im nearly out of storage) so plz amswer

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