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APB Reloaded PS4 Gameplay Reaction


APB Reloaded PS4 Gameplay Reaction


  1. Dude you didn't even do a mission, you just shot around for a bit. Those people you were shooting at can't be killed unless you're on a mission.

  2. I like this game alot tbh,the only problem i have with the game is just the lagging everything else i can look past with no problem

  3. its not bad would be more if they updated it.. we be had no update or news for ages now.. we are waiting for them to sort it out.. but on a weekend 5k+ players.. week days 3k+

  4. just remember the games not just about PvP.. PvP unlocks stuff for u to make your char yours.. it's one of the best games for moding your chars

  5. ive noticed people who r makeing vids have not played this game on PC at all… its funny ..game is PvP 100% and makeing your char look as wicked as u can.. in PC game i am zTRONz … and my char looks epic.. and u slagin it off its only just gone up lol

  6. This game is amazing on PC! Can't say the same for PS4… I was also pretty excited for it, but it flopped with it's horrible connection and frame rate

  7. Welcome to APB Reloaded the world of cancer. The saddest part of it all was that they had a 100 million dollars budget given by EA games and they couldn't do anything with it. After the first failure gamersfirst bought this game and the developers moved over and even with the new investments the game was even worse. In 2012 they announced the engine upgrade and porting it over to the better and newer Unreal Engine then what they had previously on. Over the years they promise a lot yet nothing is being executed but more messy content and more worse lag infested servers then the previous ones. Today is 2017 and yet they still didn't do anything major with this game. By this time with today's tools they could build the whole damn game from scratch and forget this old messy build all together but now it's easier to be an idiot I guess. If I was a CEO I would fire them all and not just that but make sure that they don't work in the gaming department anymore because obviously they suck at it and instead they should work on something else or learn everything from ground up.

  8. this game is the worst. but the commentary is great keep doing what your doing . just dont play this game

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