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ok i bought my Bluetooth mic today and i registered it and when i go to Bluetooth devices its there and i tried to go online with it on MW2 and it didn’t work. i charged it for about an hour but i dont think it was fully charged. and its not working online please someone help me do i have to charge it fully or what?

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  1. when you turn on your PS3 go right to “Manage Bluetooth connections” and make sure the blue circle is lit up next to the headset name (of course the headset must already be on) if it is not, then you hit the triangle and select Connect

    If all of that is on and it is not working, then the headset might be broken. Try testing it out on a phone to see if it works.

  2. After you registered it with the code you will have to go to audio device settings and set the output and input settings to the bluetooth.

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