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Any1 recommend a tv that can use Turtle beaches for ps3 and xbox?


any1 know a good tv that can run turtle beaches for ps3 and xbox? sorry if u don’t understand the question lol

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  1. Turtle beach headset

    This one is the best turtle beach headset. I like this headset very very much.

    Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat

    Product Features

    – Large acoustically-tuned ear cups with 40mm drivers produce superior audio with deep bass for all types of games digital music and entertainment DC-coupled amplifiers provide super-wide bandwidth down to 0Hz while eliminating the distortion

    – Integrated bass-boost makes explosions gun shots and other deep-bass effects more dramatic by increasing the impact of low frequency sound cues with Independent volume controls for game and voice signals to balance XBOX Live chat and stereo game sound

    – A microphone monitor keeps gamers from raising their voices louder than necessary and avoids the “clogged ear” feeling that results when you can’t hear yourself speak and accurately reproduces the gamer’s voice while keeping out ambient noise

    – Connects to TV or sound systems with XBOX stereo audio plugs to easily choose between speakers or headset with 16 foot cable Works with composite HDMI and VGA video connections

  2. The TV doesnt matter, if you are talking about the Turtle Beach headphones.the sound is coming out of the game console (either the PS or the Xbox) and is then routed to the TV. You plug the headphones in before the signal reaches the TV – so the type of TV is immaterial.

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