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Battle High 2 A+ Out Now on Xbox One


The fast-paced fighting action of the Battle High series comes to Xbox One with improved graphics, balancing, and “enlightening” newcomer, Lucio Marmo, in Battle High 2 A+!

Battle High 2 A+ Out Now on Xbox One


  1. If this game ever has global multiplayer, I will buy whatever system I need to in order to play that version. I had this when I had a Mad Catz MOJO, gonna buy again when I get my Android TV Box ­čÖé

  2. Man that is a funny trailer, lol! This game sure haves some "unique" characters like masked chainsaw man, guy with stretching arms and 5 dudes with same look! And it also has great voice actors. Such graphics. Great artwork. Wow.

  3. It seems like a Street fighter rip off, done by Americans. Done very poorly
    HOWEVER I said that prematurely of finishing the trailer. I WILL buy it, if it contains a story

  4. This actually looks good it reminds me of the Sega Genesis days

    and the characters just kept coming lol

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