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I’ve had BF3 for like 2 months now, and I haven’t played it online yet. I’ve mostly been playing CoD4 ’cause it’s fun, lol. I want to make a switch to BF3 when I’m done with my exams.

So I’ve got a couple of questions around it’s multiplayer:

-How’s BF3 online?

I read that the big maps are a problem ’cause it takes ages to get into the action. -Is this true? Not that I want to jump out into the open and shoot everybody, but does it really take long walks/runs to see enemy players?

-How are the guns and perks?

-Are the maps filled with snipers and campers?

-If I know where a camper is, can I use a grenade launcher and own him and the building he was camping in?

-How many ranks are there and are the rewards for leveling good?

-How many mp modes are there and which one is the best?

-Are there alot kids playing the game?

-Is it true that you have to wait before spawning?

-Is there something similiar to search and destroy?

-Is quickscoping possible?

-Does it have scopes like ACOG’s?

-Are there vehicles in every single mode?

-Are there maps that are in the night?

-Can you call in a UAV, Airstrike or Chopper when you have got the right amount of kills?

Please answers, thanks.:)

psn: x_WILBUR_x

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  1. this game blows cod out of the water. i own both bf3 and mw3 and i can’t even touch mw3 anymore cause it’s garbage in comparison.

    1: amazing.

    2: yes SOME maps are huge (though some are quite confined) no it’s not a problem if you know how to play. if you’re in a squad you can just spawn on any squadmates that are alive or near an objective. you also have vehicles that help with travel.

    3: the guns are awesome. there are 65 guns just in the base game. 2 expansions have been released and both have added ten more. all of them feel different to shoot so you have a huge variety to play with.

    4: some maps favor snipers slightly but campers aren’t NEAR as bad as cod. since the maps are bigger campers don’t see people as often. the game just doesn’t favor them.

    5: yes. most buildings and walls are destructible.

    6: the leveling is strange. it goes 1-45 then at 45 you become a colonel. then you go colonel 1-100. leveling is very rewarding. there are thousands of things to unlock

    7: 11 game modes. i honestly can’t say which is best. it depends on the map. some maps are just not designed for certain game modes. i like rush or tdm.

    8: there are so many less little kids than cod cause the game actually requires skill

    9: you have to wait like 2 seconds. not a big deal.

    10: sadly no

    11: i guess. it works different though. you can even go iron sights on the sniper rifles so it’s easier

    12: there are like 15+ sights for every gun. acog is one of them.

    13: no. the more confined modes would be awful with vehicles cause they would be overpowered.

    14: yes there are night maps

    15: no killstreaks. because you ARE the killstreak. you can FLY the chopper. or jet. or drive tanks. or whatever. the next expansion pack also has an ac130.

    hope that helps. feel free to email with more questions.

  2. i’ll start with your first question it doesnt take very long if you know where to go usually the objective is where you want to be. the answer to your second question would be the perks are usefull but not over powered the guns have a very realalistic amount of kick to them aka hard to spray and pray on most maps. for your third question i would have to say it depends on whose on the enemy team most people dont do that becasue it gets boring but they will startif your team spawn traps them in conquest and rush. this is an easy question of course you can use a grnade launcher and kill a camper as long as he doesnt see you coming and you hit him well enough. there are 45 base levels after that there are 100 ranks you can go up but your title doesnt change and you dont unlock any more level specific rewards, yes the rewards are farly decent you can get character camos and soldier weapns which are usable across all classes. in my opinion the best mode is conquest and i like all of the maps depending on the situation. there arnt very many since MW3 came out which is nice. yes you have to wait 5 seconds which isnat bad at all most of it is spent looking at the guy that killed the rest is spent changing up your class. yes there is and it’s called rush two objectives that you have to destroy and when you do more of the map is unlocked and theres two more objectives. yes quick scoping is possible i wouldnt reccomend it but it’s doable and faily easy. yes it has just about every scope you can imagine just use your weapon to unlock all the atachments. no there arnt there are no vehicles in teamdeath match and there arnt any on some of the smaller maps like operation metro has no vehicles on it in any gmemode. yes i think just one tehran highway is at night ps it’s my least favorite. no there are no killstreaks just a vehicle spawn time when they get destroyed. hope i answered all your questions.

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