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Buying An Xbox 360 (Kijiji Story)


Buying An Xbox 360 (Kijiji Story)

Hey guys it’s TurtleTuby here welcome to a brand new video!Today I head to my local game store and buy an Xbox 360 I’ve been wanting forever! Thx for watching! On!

Golden Snipers-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2mz9yBdDx9r4qKcwuVB1-A

Buying An Xbox 360!

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  1. Definitely not a scam, I sold my 360 with 2 controllers and a couple games for $60 two years ago but why are you buying an Xbox 360 in 2016? They don't make new games for it and you could get a Xbox one s for like $300

  2. If you keep doing youtube without any break, you grow more than you can imagine. Who edits your vids?

  3. Hey man awesome vid, keep doing your thing dude ! It would be so sweet if you have the time to come swing by my channel and maybe sub? It would make my day dude <3 🙂

  4. We played It today and it seems really up to speed, but one controller is really finicky, and it dies every five seconds if you don't hold it close to the actual Xbox. But it's still really fun.

  5. No $60 for a Xbox 360 is not a scam but if you get a xbox 360 don't get the first model they are known to get red rings of death within a month witch kills your Xbox so get the Xbox 360 s aka slim or the Xbox 360 E aka elite.

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