Home Playstation Games CGR Undertow – GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE-EARTH review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE-EARTH review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - GUARDIANS OF MIDDLE-EARTH review for PlayStation 3


  1. What I think people is most pissed about is the fact of this is a pay to play game. So even though people comments a lot on this game being shitty. It is mostly 13+ people who cannot get their moms to pay for it so they are better of in their minds to criticize it.

  2. Hey look it's made from the same people that neglected the problems with GCI just to make this. Because there wasn't enough games like this…. Well there is but they aren't cheaper…. Well LoL and happywars is…. But you don't do the same thing in and out of the game… umm I'm just gonna stop now… Yeah I just wished they did a bit more w/ GCI before pulling the plug to make this.

  3. I'm still mostly a console gamer, though my new awesome PC has been turning me more into a PC gamer. But I've always tried to keep up with both spheres. Consoles really are lagging behind. I do believe PC gaming will lead us in the next few years. Personally, I don't mind if I'm running on a PC as long as controller support is a thing, TV support is a thing, and if they can eventually add Split-Screen. The Steam Box may be what leads us into that kind of future.

  4. I never intend to play moba games, and i'm sure i'm missing out. But then again, just reading these comments always reminds me why i keep my head out of the ass that is LoL and it's shitty community. My god you suck.

  5. and technically that was made from warcraft 3. Which had alot of aspects taken from lord of the rings. so we have a lord of the rings game, which is a clone of a clone of a mod of what it's source material started.

  6. are we honestly starting this shit up again… who fucking cares, they are both good games

  7. Well not everyone has played MOBA's before so I guess I do not blame him. CGR has always seemed to favor consoles. MOBAs are something that hasn't really hit the console gamers yet.

  8. Sometimes videos tend not to start (at least in my Mac lol). I either refresh the page, press the play/pause button again, or drag the cursor to just the start of the video.

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