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CGRundertow SENGOKU BASARA: SAMURAI HEROES for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, a tactical samurai action game developed and published in 2010 by Capcom for the PlayStation 3. History never played so fun! (At least, until the video game adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.) Taking control of a mildly anachronistic interpretation of a classic Sengoku-era historical figure, your goal is to dominate the whole of Japan through a combination of military might, item synthesis, and generally being a super-powered badass. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Sengoku Basara for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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CGRundertow SENGOKU BASARA: SAMURAI HEROES for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. Fun Fact: Even though Saika Magoichi is a woman in the game, the name of "Magoichi" was used more as a title for anyone who led the Saika.

  2. Tactical!? I don't see a damn thing that is tactical about this game. It's another dumb Asian war game period. Get ready to wear you're fingers out to the bone pressing buttons like a person having seizures.

  3. @Sir Isis   At least the characters model are better than old Sengoku Basara..
    Hope the 4th game will be better!!

  4. Your comment is 1 year old but I'll give my opinion anyway.
    The game imo is good, but it is severely dependent on if you like this kind of game, which is pretty mindless. You need to give the game a good couple of hours before you get to experience each character to it's fullest, which can be quite the grind. Graphics range from great character models, to EXTREMELY lazy npc characters. I would recommend this game BUT, if it is possible for you to import, get Utage, which is an expansion.

  5. U say this game is like dynasty warriors please dont make me laugh this series is an amazing experience to play though not to mention they even have 2 anime's and a movie its more than just a game its masterpiece

  6. Why is this less popular than Samurai Warriors?
    It's a lot less like a textbook than those games, hordes of enemies are much less spaced out, it's not milked to death, it (more or less) has magic in combat to help keep it from being too stale, its mission structure is wildly diversified, every character has (at least potentially) ridiculously powerful attacks and generally no playable character sucks.
    I played a couple Dynasty Warriors games, and they had huge rosters but most characters sucked

  7. All Star Voice cast features:
    Liam O'Brien
    Johnny Yong Bosch.. and many others that I'm too lazy to actually write about.

  8. That answer got late since I already bought the Sengoku Basara game. I'll probably get DW7 later so it's not a big deal anyway ^^u

  9. Its not on the 360, but the Wii version is still a good port. The only motion control is for activating Basara and thats just a simple waggle of the wiimote.

  10. so the Wii version is a good port of this ? because I can't find the game for Xbox 360.

  11. I'm thinking in getting this or Dynasty Warriors 7. I've heard this is more fun but DW seems more long (more modes and so). Any help in deciding?

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