Home Xbox Forum Do they still make games for the xbox?

Do they still make games for the xbox?


The original xbox I mean I am thinking about getting one

I cannot afford a 360 yet so I am thinking about the original xbox

are the new games still being made for this console?

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  1. They have stopped making any new xbox games so you won’t get any upto date games for it. You will still be able to find them second hand tho is trade stores like blockbusters or gamestation or even ebay will sell them and they are prob pretty cheap to pick up as well.

    Hope that helps you x =)

  2. Very few games have been released in the last couple years and few if any will come out in the future.

    With that said, the back catalog on the XBOX is great, there are 100’s of hours of great games to play, and you can pick up the games cheap, especially if you buy them used or trade for them through a place like Goozex (link below).

  3. yeah they do, but if u want a 360, u can pick up a core package preowned from game for £120 or thereabouts. trust me, its well worth the wait. if u do save for one, buy halo 3, add me to ur friends (defiance1659) and i’ll give you a good old fashioned whoopin!

  4. Who is saying ‘yes’? They don’t. At all. Look for yourself on Gamefly.com. No new original Xbox games have come out since the release of the 360. Microsoft stopped support for it. They don’t sell it anymore either.

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