Home Playstation Forum Does my Ps3 have a better 3D movie player than.?

Does my Ps3 have a better 3D movie player than.?


I purchased a 55c7000 Samsung 240hz LED recently and it came with the Samsung 3d package (Samsung 3d BluRay Player & a pair of 3D glasses).

I was trying to compare my Ps3’s 3D capabilities and the Samsung 3d player and was having a hard time noticing a considerable difference. From what I heard the Ps3 still has the best BluRay Disc player running its drives so I was wondering if the Ps3 3D capabilities might possibly out weigh the other 3d players found on the market.

I know that the Ps3 was not initially “made” for playing 3D movies and was only recently able to by updating the firmware via online update so that is what would tell me that the players specifically designed for 3d viewing would be a better choice for best, most crisp picture BUT as stated before, I could not noticeably tell a difference off hand and could not find any comparable notes on google. Would appreciate any information you can give on the topic!

Thanks in Advance!

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