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Does the new xbox 360 use the same hard drive as the original?


I am getting my brother a new xbox for his birthday, and I can only find the new ones. The old one my brother has is broken. It has 3 red rings and the warranty is up, so it’s easier to buy a new one. Anyway, he has all his achievements and stuff on the hard drive for the old one. Will he have to start all over, or can he just plug in the old one? Or is there some sort of transfer available?

BONUS: Can you get the new 360 without the Kinect?

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  1. The same thing happened to me bro, the three rings. Im also gettin the new xbox 360 its 250 harddrive space and theres built in wifi wich is great but all the achovements your vro has is going to go to waste beacuse the new xbox hardrive dosent look the same thenewxbox hard drive lookslike a big chip memory card hope I helped you good luck

  2. The hard drives are different, but there is a transfer kit available.

    Yes, the new 360 is available without the Kinect.

  3. the new one has a different hard drive so you are going to have to purchase a data transfer cable to copy over your profile and saved info. of course you can purchase with out kinect device just make sure you get the 250gb version not the 4gb but if you do you can upgrade to a hard drive down the road for a few extra dollars more then the package deal. also I have an old xbox 360 that was out of the three year warranty on rrod, it pretty easy to take apart and fix yourself. you can find plenty of video on line you just going to need a special screw drive that you can get at most hardware stores and some thermal past, there some other crazy fixes but mostly all you have to do is clean off the cpu and heat sink from the old thermal past that is garbage and apply new compound and will fix the issue with your xbox takes about 1 hour first time.,

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