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Dynasty Warriors 8: Fast Weapon/Facility Materials – HTG


(HTG) Jeremy shows you how to get the fast weapon and facility materials for Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3 and Xbox360. This Dynasty Warriors 8 video is to show you how collect This video shows you the fastest and quickest way to obtain materials for DW8. This takes place during ambition mode and as you upgrade your barracks, farm, stables and market you will see better returns. Do not max out your market to level 50 until the end. Follow along with the Video and use the technique recommended by us you will max out your village in ambition mode for Dynasty Warriors 8. Your opinion is important to us so if there are any videos you would like us to add let us know and we will try to get them up. Thank you for choosing Happy Thumbs Gaming for all of your gaming needs.

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Dynasty Warriors 8: Fast Weapon/Facility Materials - HTG

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  1. My Blacksmith level is 50, the other facilities (Farmer. Merchant, Academy, Barracks, Stables, Teahouse, Training Ground) level are same (level 46). Please help me manage these facilities leveling up the fast way..

  2. I pick Zhange he and give him the riding horse skill (equasion or whatever)  then give him a horse with that harp that area damage is high so he just walks through everything

  3. If anyone wants to play dw8 with me on xbox my gt: o Blink Frost o n on ps3 : Dragon_yoshi45

  4. so u did not play dw 7 he was in it and Gan Ning as well oly thing hard to do is the 5s jugging to do rage and jumps and swich moves work well just my be me but he like the easy one to do sp moves are not bad + get him to run lil fest

  5. Thanks! Glad we could help! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for us!

  6. Thanks Me55y, you gave me a great idea, I maxed everything but the merchant (left 1 point remaining) and now I'm going to keep farming and converting all weapon materials to facility until I have max materials (what is the max, btw?) and then I'll finish the merchant and convert them all back to weapon materials.

  7. TheME55Y is right,.. since you're stuck at lvl 50 merchant once you max,. the best time to utilize this is to do all of your facilities to 50.. (leave merchant one point away from max) and then just start working on allies. Since you can only get one ally at a time past 700 or so, and u only get skirmishes w/ allies a quarter of the time, trips from mission to camp w/ barracks getting weapons materials will be best way to stack up facility materials for the soon to be one-to-one trade.

  8. It's understandable why it's a 1-1 ratio at lvl 50. The game considers that you don't need to build anything so instead of using 2 Facility Materials to get a weapon material, you only need one.
    Now if the weapon to facility exchange was still 1>2, you would be able to get weapon materials indefinitely. You know, converting 200 weapon materials to 400 facility, then converting them back at 1-1. You would get 200 materials for free that way.

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