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EA Access Review – Xbox One


TSC Gaming’s Fred Richani gives his thoughts on the Xbox One exclusive service EA Access, Electronic Arts’ monthly/yearly subscription game service. EA Access gives you early trials of upcoming EA Games like Star Wars Battlefront, as well as full playable past titles like Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield. But is it worth the money? Find out in our EA Access review! Subscribe to TSC Gaming for more game reviews, playthroughs, and much more: https://www.youtube.com/TSCGaming
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EA Access Review - Xbox One



  1. Wait, if i get the battle field series, will I have it forever?

  2. gold membership is the best
    he give 4 free games per month or more
    and he have soldes fridays and some other days
    guys gt gold first then thing about geeting the ea

  3. can you keep the games when you have downloaded then from the ea acces also after you have payed for?

  4. How long does it take for games to be in the vault? like star wars BF and fifa 17? when will they be in the vault?

  5. I'm not sure if ea access is broken or if bf is broken or what, but every time I try and go on bf4 or bf hardline I either can't get in (it doesn't load) or i get in and it begins lagging and then kicks me out! I really don't know what to do! Does anyone know what to do?

  6. i have 1 month subscribed to EA access and i saw that many games are free now, can i keep them for ever if i downloading any of them?

  7. i have 1 month subscribed to EA access and i saw that many games are free now, can i keep them for ever if i downloading any of them?

  8. If I have a family account and my friend has EA Access and I don't. After he downloads the game, can I also download the game on the Xbox one library and play it?

  9. i just subscribed to ea access yesterday, very glad i did…i decided to invest $4.99 first for the month, to see if i like it, already downloaded madden 16, nhl 16, nba live 16, fifa 16, and ea ufc…im definately investing in the $30 for the year, as long as your subscription is active, you own every title you download! great value especially for sports fans! also shooters, seeing you get the battlefields and titanfall in there as well!…im also pumped i ditched my ps4(thought uncharted 4 and no mans sky blew goat ass, and think spiderman is the only good game coming to their console in the foreseeable future) xbox one is unbelievable imo, ea access is definately one of the reasons why!

  10. eu cresci com o playstation sou novo no xbox one eu fico com esse jogo pra sempre enquanto vou assinante 10 reais por mes q massa

  11. Então alguns jogos só pode baixar(tendo o aplicativo) se comprar(com desconto) e outros baixa direto( depois de comprar o aplicativo)?

  12. Cara so me fala uma coisa precisa de live gold pra jogar os jogos n estou falando online so estou falando pra jogar os jogos offline precisa de live gold ?

  13. mano meu app do ea aces fica numa tela preta carregando infinito tá 2 horas já é não entra

  14. A EA lança o FIFA em Setembro. Quanto tempo demora pra estar disponível no EA Access?

  15. Uma pergunta, necessariamente preciso ter a live gold para jogar os jogos da Ea acess off ?

  16. Valew véi to jogando um jogo que eu sempre quis ter de graça o star wars battlefront ^^

  17. se eu asina ea acess consigo joga por exmemplo fifa ou batlefield 4 canpanha modo ofline sem internet se eu coloca meu perfil principal do ea acess funciona ou so jogos da live que funciona ofline

  18. galera acabei de comprar meu primeiro Xbox(one) e gostaria de saber o q preciso pra assinar o ea access eu preciso pagar aquela live gold para baixar ou é só conectar no wifi e assinar?

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