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Evolve – Review


Evolve - Review


  1. while everyone is complaining in these comments this game is free on xbox atm with all dlc till the 16th of april

  2. its free now til 4/16 xbox gold members! I told yall i wasnt buying this game ahahaha and look i got it for free.

  3. the unlimited edition is free for gold… the only problem is sometimes game instantly crashes…

  4. Are you fucking seriously or really idiot? Evolve was the worst game of 2015, okay. Maybe the developer of this game gave you very much commission to rate this game is 8/10. Nice work, motherfucker -_-

  5. By any stretch of the imagination this game sucks. If you happen to read this comment consider yourself lucky, hopefully you saved yourself the anguish of playing this clusterf*ck of a game.

  6. don't you just love buying evolve and you start updating it then half way in your power goes out and u had to start the update back over again

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