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Fat Princess Adventures Co op HD PS4 Gameplay


Fat Princess Adventures Co op HD PS4 Gameplay

Stumpt plays some Fat Princess Adventures multiplayer for the PS4! We customize are characters, and get ready to eat cake and save princesses!
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Fat Princess Adventures - #1 - Power to Poultrify (4 Player Gameplay)


  1. I just found out I've been diagnosed with Round Sauce disease. I only have 12 billion years left to live before my elbow turns into a dinosaur made of ice.

  2. great video it's so many games OMG I will get this game but I have to finish other titles that I have

  3. Can you play the classic version, too? I know the story's short, but maybe you could bullshit around in custom skirmishes? Just a thought.

  4. What is he saying in the beginning every YouTube does that talk so fast in the beginning

  5. i played fatprinces so much i got the highest rank in 2 weeks, i always played as the warrior!

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