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final fantasy 12 help?


ok i bought my ps3 a very long time ago an havnt touched my old ps2 games since i got it, well i decided to play my old final fantasy 12 game and remember that i beat yaizmat already but i want to fight him agian just to see if i still can even tho its been 4ever, but i cant remember how to summon him or w/e, can someone tell me how to bring him out, i have looked everywhere but nuthing


  1. to bring out yaizmat, here’s what u need to do


    Mark: Yiazmat

    Requirements: After Pharos, finish all other hunts, and defeat the Hell Wyrm.

    Petitioner: Montblanc (Rabanastre)

    Mark Location: Ridorana Cataract/Colosseum

    Bounty: 30000 gil, Godslayer’s Badge

    The petitioner is once again Montblanc. Montblanc does not even hint at the

    location for this mark. The mark is very easy to find however. Go to the

    Ridorana Cataract via the Strahl or teleport to the Pharos and walk outside.

    You need to head toward the Colosseum of the Ridorana Cataracter to find this

    mark. A cutscene will take place as your party approaches Yiazmat.

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