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First Look: Active Soccer 2 DX (Xbox One)


First Look: Active Soccer 2 DX (Xbox One)


  1. Hi Ken, I've played a hell of a lot of AS2 (prev version) so can help on a couple of points here

    46:09 you are looking for a 'LW' and can't find one. But that just shows their first position; players have several positions and their available areas are shown shaded on the pitch on the right when they are highlighted. Oqlate-Cfamperrain 🙂 isn't flashing/complaining on the LW because he can play there. Also, when you selected him to swap out, the game highlighted in green all the guys who can play at LW.

    49:00 you can sort the filtered transfer list by price, which helps find people within budget. Can also browse all existing clubs' players using the 'browse' button in bottom right (and can handily view all their stats while doing so even if you're not shopping today)

    This kind of thing, in the past, obv would be in a manual 🙂


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