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Happy Wars - Game Review


  1. Good review and I felt all of your opinions were justified but the PC port of this game is terrible haven't played Xbox version in a while so idk about that but on PC it is ridiculous how bad the game feels but I will not condone those who enjoy the game I just wanted to give my opinion

  2. My friend is staying over at my house and we both want to play this game on the same tv, at the same time, but we cant figure out how to join. Any ideas how to do that?

  3. the game has gone through alot of improvements but one gripe that grinds my gears on this game is the match making between player's expereience.

    Alot of times I'm the only high level teamed up with newbies while the other team is full a few newbies and pros who will just whup my team's butt no matter how good or bad I play.

    There should be seperate matches for low levels to stick to coop play or do a what I like to call "Cadet's Quick Match" where low leveled players can join with other low levels so they can get better at the game and defend their castle for once.

  4. Happy Wars updated this November. Its now Season 2 you should review the changes.

  5. Wow dude sucks for u happy wars works fine and my warrior is soooooo overpowered for my rank im lvl 10 and have 1540 defence and 2631 attack

  6. I don't suppose you've tried out the co-op mode, have you? I found considerably less trouble with finding matches there and already am at rank 20. Not to mention the log in bonuses featured in the game.

  7. plus in mission mode they give free happy ticket if you du a certain thing and plus i just got it 4 day ago and got 80 free happy tickets

  8. They were true in my experience with the game; if it's improved since I made this video, that's a good thing. It's a fun game that needed improvement.

  9. many of the problems you mentioned ether fix themselves after a while, aren't true, or are no longer true.

  10. Additionally, I would hardly call my evaluation of the game "bashing". It's a fun time with a fun concept, marred by poor execution in specific technical areas.

  11. The youthfulness of a developer is irrelevant in considering the quality of their game. If the gaming industry is to grow in quality and innovation, we can't treat fledgeling developers like preschoolers and give them a gold star for effort. We have to call them out on flaws and aspire to greater heights as an industry.

    My comparison to Halo had nothing to do with gameplay, if I remember correctly. It was directed at matchmaking speeds and efficiency, which is universally applicable.

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