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Hey my parents tend to over react sometimes, and they sold my Xbox 360 that i got recently.?


I was apparently playing my xbox too much.Then they then sold my Xbox, my Halo 3, EA SKATE, my 20GB hard drive, and my black wireless controller, and now all i have left is a white wireless controller that they could not sell due to it being very badly ruined by my little brother, but i fixed it, but yeah it still wont sell, and also i have a crappy headset Game Stop wont buy either. So do you think this was a little harsh of a punishment because me and my identical twin brother saved up for a very long time to buy the Xbox and that was all of our money. Also, we can’t buy a new Xbox because they fear we will get on Xbox Live, and they hate Xbox Live now. And also do you think that Halo 3 is a bad game? because now they think that Halo is bad too. please answer back!! i will give best answer to someone who answers all of my questions. Thanks!

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  1. Well the punishment it up to your parents. Myself I think it is over reacting a bit. It also depends how old you are and how much you where playing also. They should have just taken the system from you and not let you use it for awhile. If they had and then had warned you what would happen then it is your fault what happened. If they didnt then they really did over react. Halo in and of itself is not a bad game. It is a game rated to the proper age group and is only addicting if you let it be. If it was your money that had bought it then they should give you then money you spent for it and simply forbid you from getting another one if they dont want you to have it.

  2. They can follow these ratings so they can let you play:

    [url is not allowed].

    You should be able to play skate if you are13 or older since its T rated.

    As for Halo3, if you are under 17 well you can’t playing according to the ersb. but hey maybe you’ll be able to play T rated games at least.

    Personally I don’t know what the big deal is with your parents not letting you play them. Even though halo3 is rated M its just not very gory type of game. But your parents not letting you play gta4 then I can understand that because a lot of stuff in it are very inappropriate. but I used to play gta vice city since it came out and I was like 12 or 13 I think. I just had to argue with my mom from time to time that was all though.

  3. I think it probably is an overreaction – personally I would have taken them away and put them somewhere where you couldn’t get them until you changed your habits. I don’t think it’s healthy to be spending a lot of time on consoles and computers when you’re growing up. If they had bought them for you then it would be within their rights to sell them, but since you and your brother saved up for yourselves, they should simply have expressed their concerns to you and either set up rules about how often you could use them, or put them away for a while and encouraged you to do other things such as outside sports.

  4. You should be talking to your parents about this, not us. If I said “Halo 3 is amazing, there’s nothing wrong with it, it is just wonderful!” it wouldn’t change your parents mind at all.

    I feel sorry for you though, that is pretty harsh.

  5. I also think you should talk to your parents, and be mature about it, ask them if you can have the money to buy it back, and in return you will only play 1 hour or so a day, and maybe pick up some chores around the house. It is overreacting in my book, I would just take the Xbox away for some time. But the main thing is you need to bring your case MATURELY to your parents, dont cry, scream, cuss, just sit down and talk to them, agree with them that maybe you did play too much, but that wont happen again.

    You can also tell them they can set parental controls on xbox live for you, if they wish. And if they do. hey its better than not having an xbox right?

    But Halo 3. ruined the Halo series, atleast the multiplayer did, it was a waste of money in my opinion.

  6. lol you should kill your mom and severily injure you dad with a shotgun if they sold your halo 3. Well atleast thats what this 17 year old boy did last month no joke its real

  7. are your parents hardcore christians? Did you get the money back? and why were you wasting your time with halo 3?

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