Home Playstation Games High Velocity Bowling- Winning the Tournament With Hiro

High Velocity Bowling- Winning the Tournament With Hiro


High Velocity Bowling- Winning the Tournament With Hiro

I bowl a bit using the Playstation Move

High Velocity Bowling with Playstation Move


  1. @CIMusgrave – I said unless you have epilectic seizures, I wouldn't reccomend looking into the move when you get a strike… Oh wait, I hear it now. It can be taken both ways I guess… and yes, I am evil 🙂

  2. He worded that funny xD Unless you have epileptic seizures, don't look into the move when you get a strike. Dude..so you want the people who do have seizures to look into it and those who don't not to look in it? Wow you're evil. >.>

  3. thanks for this video!! i did a lot of research and this one convinced me to get this game instead of Brunswicks bowling!

  4. @TheKratos50 – have you downloaded the free Move patch from the playstation store?

  5. @wastedyuthe – Well, mainly the price tag. HVB is only $9.99 on the PSN store. HVB also seems to have better physics, and tracks the Move better. (That's just my opinion though)

  6. Awesome review my friend, Great job 5 stars. I have the PS move and will be patching this game to my High Velocity game asap.

  7. @hankok64 – You have to download the addon from the PSN store. It's free, you should find it in the Move section of the store.

  8. @farmhousemedia3000 Hi, i just downloaded the game from PS store, and i seem to have the same problem, everytime i enter the game, it switches over til my normal PS3 controller, and not the ps3 move controller, and I can see that you've wrote that we need to add move support, where do I add it ?

  9. @Eaglesfaninca same with kinnect. but delay time is even later. WII FTW… but ps3 still ftw more

  10. @tmg331 – Have you downloaded the patch from the Playstation store? You need it to add Move support. Unless you have the disc version, than it should already work.

  11. The Move seems to have a slight delay. The Wii (atleast with the remote plus) doesn't really have a delay.

    I love Canade by the way. I used to go to Lake Opinicon every year for the first week of Bass Fishing.

  12. love the intro music! Coen brothers are amongst the best film makers, and Raising Arizona is nothing but one-liners!

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