Home Xbox Forum how can i get xbox 360 live gold membership for free?

how can i get xbox 360 live gold membership for free?


please help.Thanks a bunch.

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  1. You cant. Its like food, clothes, everything. If it has a price on it, it will cost you or someone you know money.

  2. Ask someone you know to buy you the prepaid cards or to give you the equivalent money as gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or some other gift giving reason. You get the codes/money for free, don’t have to worry about problems arising because you attempted to steal them, shouldn’t have to deal with surveys or referral links or anything of that nature, and the best part is that getting/giving gifts is still possible and legal despite what most people think or say anymore.

    If you get a 12 month card as a gift for some yearly gift event, then you are completely set on Gold.

    You can also earn Xbox Live Gold from Microsoft by using the Microsoft created, hosted, and controlled program Bing Rewards; it’s a built in feature of Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

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