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i just want a Xbox 360?


i just wanted a xbox 360 but i didn’t know that there where different brands

what the difference between a xbox 360 pro console, xbox 360 ELITE console and a xbox 360 core arcade bundle because i was on a website on xbox 360s and i thought there was only 1 kind of xbox 360 and then there where like different xbox 360s at different prices but they all looked the same

anyway here is the website i was looking at :

[url is not allowed]

so my question was what the difference between them and which 1 is better

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  1. Don’t get the Xbox 360 Arcade, it only has 256MB of memory and will not be able to save hardly any of your games, and will definitely not support most online play (between patch downloads and map packs, your memory would be filled instantly)

    The Xbox 360 Pro has like a 20GB hard drive if I recal, however it is notorious for getting the “red ring of death” which is the 3 red rings around the xbox that signify the hardware has failed. Microsoft isues a 3 year warranty against this fault and will replace your xbox for free if this happens, however it takes about 3 weeks turnaround time before you get your xbox back. I’ve had this happen to me twice, the second time just happened last week and my 3 year warranty on it has expired. So I decided to just go out and buy an Xbox 360 Elite.

    The Xbox 360 Elite has a massive Hard drive of 120GB and also only experiences the “red ring of death” hardware failure about 3% as often as the Xbox 360 Pro. (It is reported that 37% of Xbox 360 Pro’s will experience the “red ring of death” whereas the Elite only has 1%)

    For the money, I would recommend going with the Xbox 360 Elite. Also, if you want to find a good deal on one, go to walmart.com I believe they are offering a deal where for $350 you get an Xbox 360 Elite, 12 month Xbox live subscription, and 4 free games.

  2. get an elite.i got one for christmas and it works awesomely and it comes with everything you need for xbox live (harddrive, headset) except the wireless network adapter. and its $100 cheaper than it was a few years ago.hope i helped bye

  3. all the different xbox 360s are just really talking about their hard drive space. the core system has no hard drive memory. the pro has around 10-20GB (they keep making more memory for it). and the elite is about 120GB. the price additions for the xbox 360s is just because of the added memory. just go with pro. that is the standard

  4. They’re all the same, just get the cheapest one ($199.99) i think. It doesn’t come with a hard drive though, but that’s ok, if you get the memory cards.

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