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IGN Reviews – Shadows of the Damned Video Review


IGN Reviews - Shadows of the Damned Video Review


  1. I guess i will pretend its an evil within sequel even ifmevil within look more bettee looking.

  2. Good:
    +atmosphere: almost feels like a mix of disney and horror if that's possible
    +soundtrack: amazing soundtrack with really good vocal tracks, the menu music is also really good
    +presentation/cinematics: the cutscenes are often well written with a grim reaper showing up to slice the head off a failed demon and the twist with credits were memorable moments
    +main characters: paula and garcia are likeable for the most part and their relationship feels real
    +gameplay: for the most part it's simple and diverse

    -humor: cringey and i did not laugh once. it feels out of place and forced. i don't mind the villain doing it, but it did not work with johnson and ruined some cutscenes for me due to feeling like filler
    -npcs: johnson and the other giant demon hunter we meet mid way through don't add much and are poorly written
    -boss battles: they drag on sometimes versus actual difficulty
    -wonky controls: sometimes the controls let you down because they are too slow or clunky
    -pacing: some levels are just not fun and feel unpolished

    Honestly the good outweighs the bad and this still ends up being one of my favorite 360 games. 7.5/10

  3. so far im only a couple of hours into this game. and what ive seen so far really enjoying it

  4. wow 7? I just checked this after years because i miss shadows of damned, it was one of the best games i haver ever played.

  5. Why the dislikes? This game is so shitty and overrated…Only good things about it were the humor and ost.

  6. Just got this, and the review was spot on. I started and was underwhelmed by graphics and game-play. But Goddammit for some intangible reason I can't stop playing. It's a "it clicks for you" and you love it, or it doesn't and you don't affair. I'm happy I got it and while quite flawed, I'm having a blast with it. One of those recommend with caution games, not for everyone. Also, currently at 9 bucks, no regrets on this nutty purchase.

  7. This is one of those games in which its atmosphere easily grabs your attention, but in reality, it's a typical, cheap Resident Evil 4 rip off.  It looks like a really average game at most. 

  8. The game is ok. But the darkness gimic ruined it for me. gave up halfway out of frustration and youtubed the ending. Buy it if you dont mind long boss battles or dying alot because of the stupid darkness.

  9. I loved this game but the boss battle with the final sister grim was way too long. Took so many hits to kill that bitch.

  10. I appreciate Suda 51's weirdness and uniqueness in his games. Its fun that you don't know what to expect. I'd give it an 8.5.

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