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internet don”t work when ps3 on?


i connect my ps3 to my cable modem ethernet cord and my laptop is wireless but whenever i play my ps3 my connection on my laptop is lost or either limited. why does this happen n how do i prevent this?

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  1. hmm ps3 is also wireless so why not set-up a wireless connection, this may resolve your issuse, first go to network connections, settings, then go to set up a new onnection then wireless, pick your router an type in password etc and yh it should do the trick ps3 is not known tocause this problem

  2. 1.did you make a account?

    2.did you go to the internet settings in the ps3 and test your internet settings?

    3.you could be banned

  3. Depending on your internet speed, your internet in this case has to support your ps3 and your laptop, and it will be harder for your laptop to get a signal because your ps3 is hooked up right to the modem. Either that or your laptop isnt getting a good signal. Turn your PS3 off when you go on the internet, and if it doesnt make a difference you probably just have a bad signal.

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