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Is anyone else having problems reading DVDs on your XBox 360 with the new update and how did you fix it?


I downloaded the NXE but now my console isn’t reading discs, it wont read DVD’s to save my life and games work rarely if ever. I installed two games onto the hard drive and I can play them from there but that doesn’t help with movies. (and I’m running out of space!)

Did you have these problems and how did you fix them?

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  1. look at your discs. it is possible that they are scratched to a point where they are are unreadable. AND, its possible that the 360 scratched them. if so, then you are going to need a new disc. that is why it is recommended that you install games, cuz the 360 scratches discs if you move or bump into it while the disc is in. you cant install movies though.

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  2. I had a few problems booting games after NXE. I used a DVD Lens cleaner and it seemed to fix it

  3. Sounds like your DVD drives lens is dirty or about give in, either phone microsoft or you can try this at your own risk and thats by using a DVD lens cleaner kit, not a CD, it must be a DVD lens cleaner from what ive heard on forums about dirty Xbox 360 lens, may be worth a try because if your console isnt in warranty it will cost you for microsoft to fix it, or just buy a DVD player for your DVDs and use the 360 for games only thats what i do to save wear on the drive

  4. yes! sadly i randomly also got error 74, i would send your xbox in if it is under warranty cuse i am pretty much screwwed now.

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