Home Videos Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 Worth Buying on PS4? (Graphics Comparison PS3/PS4/PSvita/PS2)

Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 Worth Buying on PS4? (Graphics Comparison PS3/PS4/PSvita/PS2)


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Is Final Fantasy X/X-2 Worth Buying on PS4? (Graphics Comparison PS3/PS4/PSvita/PS2)


  1. and there's a rumour FF games will have a huge collection including FFXV and FFVII Remake

  2. I am a pc gamer but i got a ps vita for jap games anime and so. Can anyone tell me if its worth buying this game on the ps vita or should i get godeater 2 plus my brother sold his xbox one so should he buy a ps4 or wait fkr the xbox scorpio (any idea when scorpio releases)

  3. gonna play my ps2 version tonight . still trying to do that damn chocobo race in under 0.00 seconds

  4. i have over a thousand people in my gaming circle and all of us bought it but none played it yet
    u could say we bought it outa respect and adoration we had to the game
    rather then for the gameplay mechanics
    lets be real the game itself is not what made us play it
    it was that story

  5. final fantasy x is by far my favorite of the series. my boyfriend and i just completed it on the ps2 (his first time ever playing the game, not mine). for christmas he surprised me with a ps4 and the remaster which we are currently playing x-2 on and the graphic difference is ridiculous. i can't compare with the vita or ps3 versions, but going from my whole life since this game came out with a ps2 and then trying it on the ps4…mind blowing.

  6. You've got to be kidding me…I bought the ps3 version…..and the ps4 version you can toggle the soundtrack? now I want the ps4. that was the biggest thing I hated about the remaster was how they screwed up the soundtrack and now you can toggle it. I'm sorta pissed xD.

  7. hi there dreamcastguy i bought a limited edition of this game on ps3 but i sold my ps3 i still finished ff 10 on it but 10-2 not so my question is is it worth to sell my ps3 game to buy the standard ps4 version? thanks in advance

  8. n the ps2 version the face animation was a alot better then the ps3 version… now my question is the facial animation for the ps4 better than the ps3 or would it be the same.

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