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is there a way to make a 40 gig ps3 play ps2 games?



  1. It’s possible, but not via a firmware update. Just because the 80GB uses software to emulate the CPU (Central Processing Unit) doesn’t mean it doesn’t have PS2 hardware. The 80GB has the PS2’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). But the CPU is emulated with software. The 40GB has no PS2 hardware, so it’s not possible with a simple update. You would need to know how to completely modify the PS3 to play PS2 games, which requires installing PS2 CPU (hardware or emulated) and GPU in the system.

  2. no, not until Sony releases some kind of firmware update or something like that(which isn’t going to happen)

  3. It’s possible to play PS2 games on the 40 gb PS3 when Sony makes PS2 games available for download on PSN. The reason that it’s possible is that programmers are making the game with the PS3’s hardware in mind.

    It’s impossible to play PS2 game disks on the 40 gb PS3. The 40 gb is missing the hardware to play any PS2 games.

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