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Is there any wifi pluggins for ps3?


I have a ps3 and I hate stealing wifi from my neighbors cuz they have crappy Internet. Anyway with xbox they have a thing you can buy so the xbox can get wireless Internet right? Is there any accessery that gives ps3 a better wifi connection or something? I know ps3 already has a wifi connecter built in. So yea us there any accessery that makes the ps3 get better Internet or I have to go with the modem/router thing?

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  1. No, to my knowledge there is no USB plug-in adapter to give you WiFi for the fact you stated, it’s built in. You could try getting a game adapter (amazon.com “TRENDnet Wireless N Gaming Adapter TEW-647GA (Black)”) or getting a router compatible with DD-WRT firmware. DD-WRT has a option that would allow you to turn it into wireless to wired adapter. In both cases you would use a network cable from the PS3 to the adapter and you would just have to place the adapter in your apartment for best signal. Good Luck!

  2. Nope there is no device to increase the Wi-Fi signal that is built inside the PS3. Your alternative is using a wired connection which is much faster and the speed is more constant using a ethernet cable hooked to your router to the back of your PS3.

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