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Is xbox 360 worth the money?


I know you have to buy xbox live, and games are 60 dollars so is it worth it.

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  1. No. I regret buying this 360.

    Features suck, We pay for service we don’t get, Microsoft doesn’t care about the customers, Dashboard is covered in ads, Invite game and Join in Progress features suck because they don’t work half the time, and graphics are mediocre, unless you have a HD TV, and they ALWAYS have problems, so they patch constantly.

    Don’t waste your money on this stupid Xbox 3FixMe

  2. Definitely worth it, only $200. Even cheaper than the Wii. You’ll need one for Gears 2.

  3. I would just go with a ps3 they have alot more features then the 360. for instince the free sony network. etc

  4. I have had my Xbox 360 since last June and had Xbox live since last October. From what I’ve experienced, buying my Xbox premium before BOTH price drops at $399.99 was the best gaming decision I’ve ever made. Now that they’re $299.99 for the premium, it’s way better for your money and the quality of Xbox 360 and it’s game selection beats by very far both the PS3 and the Wii combined. If you want “family friendly” and cheap games, go ahead and get Wii, there’s only very few for Xbox 360, and just about all PS3 games you can get for 360 but 360 has more games than just that, including Halo 3. best game EVER! Anyway, I do however disagree with MS when they set their game prices to $60, they should be $30 or $40 at max, but that’s why I’m a game renter most of the time. I only buy games that I feel I need, like Halo 3, Guitar Hero 3, GTA IV etc, or I buy games that I get a good deal on, like when I bought Oblivion the collectors edition or whatever, it was $60 but it included both the main game plus the shivering Isles and knights of the nine, a value of almost $100 for only $60, at least that’s about how much you’d pay if you got them separately. Also, Xbox live is very worth the $50 for 13 months and I’m going to buy it again when it runs out in December. As for the RROD, it could happen to ANY Xbox at any time, so any Xbox bought brand new today it could still happen, they have probably made them so their chances of getting it are less but they still happen, and it’s not so bad when you do get it (unless you get it just after you bought GTA IV but before you get to play it for the first time like I did.) because MS will fix it for absolutely free! They’ll even send you a box to ship it in and pay for shipping and everything! at least the first time. but the RROD warranty lasts 3 years from purchase date so it’s not a bad deal.

    Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that PS3 graphics, no matter what anyone says, on an HD screen they are so pixelated it’s not funny. Xbox 360’s HD image is so clear and smooth that you can see every little detail and it’s so realistic looking. I don’t play on HD often but I do know from experience!

  5. personally i love my xbox. i find xbox live totally worth the $50 a year. all my friends have xbox live and it’s great to be able to sign on and jump into their games.

    i hear the ps 3 is okay but there’s no way i’d spend $700 on it. i’ll pick it up when the price goes down. and ps3 games aren’t cheap either.

  6. don’t buy a xbox 360 for $250 ( it think thats the price for xbox 360 right now).go on to ebay and but it cheaply for around $100-140 thats how i got my xbox and i love my xbox 360. also there are more games for the 360 than the PS3 so i highly recommend buying a 360

  7. 360 has the best online i say if you can afford it buy it i like my 360 and when you get a online game you get addicted and dont buy as many games

  8. yes it is the xbox 360 is better than ps3 in every ways and your xbox wont get the r o d if you take care of it i have it for 2 yrs and havent got the ROD

  9. Yea its a great buy. Psn may be free but it is not as in depth as Live, and isn’t going to be any time soon with them constantly delaying home. However Ps3 has its good qualities also, it has an active browser and quite a few native titles. Xbox has better titles and graphics in my opinion though.

  10. ok, i have an xbox 360 elite, its best to buy 360 games online, but get a prepaid card for 12 months for £30 which is $54. Xbox live is worth it. trust me, i have a ps3 too. don’t worry about RRoD, the xbox 360s now never get them. i recently bought mine 2 weeks ago, i play it for hours.

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