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Is Xbox live appropriate for my 11 year old?


All my sons friends have xbox live and he keeps asking for it but I do not know if he should be able to play it. Please help!

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  1. Yeah it’s appropriate, but the question you should be asking is if a certain game is appropriate not if the service is appropriate

  2. He will be able to speak with anyone and everyone who has Xbox Live, so it is really up to you if you think that would be ok. There are parental settings to only enable voice chat and messages between friends and to disable any type of communication with strangers on there. It would also depend on the games you would be letting him play. Chances are he wants to play Call of Duty or something similar which are all rated M for mature (17+). In the end you have to decide if you are ok with him playing games like that.

  3. Depends how responsible your son is. You must remember that Xbox live is yet another social media site where your son will run into internet strangers. If you are comfortable and confident that your son is responsible and understands the dangers of internet strangers then he should be fine. As long as he doesn’t start talking to ransomers and give out personal details. Also, beware that a lot of people swear and use inappropriate language over their headsets during games which your son will be exposed to.

  4. Actually most of what aninymous aid is irrelavrnt considering if you set up your sons account right then he won’t be exposed to any of the dangers, so yeah the rest of all that is up to you.

  5. He should be allowed to play with his friends all you have to do is mute or report the inappropriate players and Microsoft will always stride to promote good sportsmanship online.

  6. completely up to you, you have people of all ages on there and you cannot really control what people he comes into contact with so it’s your call

    .personally I would keep him off there, but that’s only cause I hate dealing w/ loud,over emotional squeakers when I play online

  7. It depends what game he’s playing and who he’s playing with online. If he’s playing with a few friends, that should be no problem. But if he’s playing with people he doesn’t know, then it’s possible that they could harass him for no apparent reason, depending on the circumstances.

  8. Well if your son is mature enough, its ok. but keep in mind that u should set up parental controls so as to restrict his interactions. some restrictions include controlling the friends your son has on XBLive. That means that your son can send out friend requests, but the requests wont be sent to the guy until u approve of it. apart from that, you can also restrict whether your son is allowed to join public servers in games [EG Halo or GTA]

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