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Let’s Play – Square Heroes


Let's Play – Square Heroes


  1. I think what some of you fail to understand is they are friends having random conversations and really don't care for your inputs or snarky comments, like shit if ppl starting commenting on what my mates talked about I'd ignore the shit outta them. 

  2. I usually enjoy Indies Let's Plays but this game just looks so uninteresting and bland to me, as much fun as they're having with it I don't find it particularly interesting to watch.

  3. I was playing SSBB while listening/watching this. Brawl is the best! Melee was good for it's time, but certainly not the best. Kind of like Windows XP to Windows 7. Brawl was better because of the storyline and more characters.

  4. I'm so disappointed, my laptop screen broke about four weeks ago and i finally got around to fixing it but the screen i needed was hard to so i only got it back today, the day after the fucking stream ended i nearly cried i was so ampted to see this one cuz last year i watched most of it but missed the last three or four hours and the year before i hadnt even been watching them. Is there anyway i can find and watch the whole thing, legally or illegaly

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