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Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trailer


Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trailer


  1. this isn't the game. NOONE has a shield NOONE could attack the people that don't move with shields THEYf@#$%ing messed up their own trailer

  2. @1998lauratje You can be Aragorn and Frodo and Sauron and tons of other "official" characters. All you have to do is kill a couple guys in instant action.

  3. @TheWitchking123 i like the story pretty much, and the graphics are good compared with the other games. though i think it's too bad that you can't play one of the official LotR main characters…but of course, it's my opinion, you need to try it yourself xP

  4. @1998lauratje Buy Return Of The King or The Two Towers games….they are the BEST Lotr games ever…I don't know about you man..but if you played those two..games and played Conquest…you'll know what am talking about..

  5. @TheWitchking123 Alright so i whas watching this beacause i wanted to buy this, now i see this reactions i don't think i should…i already bought WITN and if this really is 10 times better, conquest really isn't worth the money…

  6. @aidenmccloskey AGREED!!! I don't see how WITN will be terrible like Conquest!!! It will be a dozen times better than Conquest!! I feel ashamed to say the words "Lord of the Rings" before conquest! Its not worthy of the name "Lord of the Rings"!! You know what would've made Conquest better? If it wasn't named Lord of the Rings!!! Yeah thats right!! After Conquest all LOTR fans are now aware! And WITN is what we were waiting for! Hopefully WITN will be like a BIG middle-finger to Conquest! >:D

  7. @aidenmccloskey Soo damn right!!! WORST LOTR EVER CREATED!!! Hopefully War in The North is going to be at the least 10times better than this pile of garbage.A LOTR game cant get any more worse than this!!

  8. It's very nice this game but Star Wars Battlefront 2 , is allmost the same but 1734672645 times better ((:

  9. This game is not worth getting, i regret buying it.
    The game is bugged and it feels poorly made like most games with good trailers.
    Its what happens when ppl pay to much to make a good trailer that they forget to make a good game.

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