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Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Walkthrough part 1 (PS3/X360/PC) [HD]


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Lost Planet 3 Gameplay Walkthrough part 1 (PS3/X360/PC) [HD]

CGR Undertow - LOST PLANET 3 review for PlayStation 3


  1. Wow they really took lost planet in another direction probably due to all the negative reviews the second game got.  I never played the third but beat the second game several times and enjoyed the hell out of it.  The campaign could of been longer but the graphics, sound fx were awesome.  4 player co-op can't beat that.  Different locations jungle, desert, underwater.  It seems like they took all that out and came up with something that appeal to wider audience but it looks cheesy.  Maybe Im wrong I would have to try it out.

  2. hey nice gameplay, i subscribed are you gonna upload some more gameplay its awesome i will looking forward to it

  3. shitty game for a shitty underachiever series. ripoff more games whoever made this junk!

  4. Cage has never before been charged with "too little charisma". The man is a living firework!

  5. Lost Planet 3 is a great game, with a good story. I loved it, it actually has really amazing graphics too. 

  6. That would be quite something. If ya had flares, you could set one off and try to hold it up to let you see where you are, and then start shooting away. X3
    Sounds like a great gameplay idea! ^_^

  7. Perhaps because Capcom has no idea what to do with their IPs anymore since the original people behind them keep leaving the company, whether getting fired or just quitting their jobs to go on and start their own companies?

  8. Yes, but in Spec Ops: The Line, it appears to have been deliberately that way. (At least according to the opinions of some.)

  9. Streamlining things isn't necessarily a bad thing, but linearity works for some games better than others. Nothing's wrong with linearity, so long as it suits its purpose. A large number of games are linear. The question is whether it actually suits to the game's advantage or becomes its hinderance.

    Funny thing is, modern engines can support more complex level design than old FPS games, yet old FPS games have more complex level design than most modern games. Oh, irony. What untapped potential.

  10. Well you just dislike shooters, I ain't judging. I love shooters because the first ever game I played was one, and that was Doom :I But I do have little hope for big budget shooters because it's all streamlined, linear crap that is so limiting it doesn't let you explore the world of the game and learn its lore and to truly take in a stunning, breathtaking experience and games like Half Life did that. But nope they turn games into rollercoaster rides of course. Still waiting for Doom 4 though…

  11. I think of games as artform, just like movies or literature and they have the potential of expressing even more than any other artform. However, the thing that stands in the way of games becoming true art, is the industry's infatuation of pleasing the 15-25 old male-audience. Why does every game have to have shooting? Or why are women always portraited as weak or stupid. Even some higly rated games like Bioshock are just fucking shooters. Today you can't even tell Resident Evil from Metal Gear.

  12. Considering the state of the industry, I am curious how it is supposed to get past all that and be more than just same old game play, with decent writing and a different world.

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