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Marvel VS Capcom 3 – Fate of Two Worlds [HD] (PT-BR) Games Fever


Gameplay do jogo de luta Marvel VS Capcom 3 – Fate of Two Worlds no PS3.

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Marvel VS Capcom 3 - Fate of Two Worlds [HD] (PT-BR) Games Fever

Read the full review: http://www.gamespot.com/6298805

The classic crossover series triumphantly returns to usher in a new age of heroes.

GameSpot Reviews - Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. Os melhores personagens que eu uso é  
    E dante
    Já desbloqueiei todos os personagens eu acho , é o Sentinel HJunk.K.O TaskMater . akuma eu acho que sao esses os ultimos '-'

  2. lucky na verdade isso que você fez não pode ser considerado apelo 

    ps:a she hulk é a prima do hulk 

  3. vai me perdoar amigo mas vc e mto ruim!!! cabe os combos aéreos e infinitos….. cara nem um combo básico aéreo vc faz. reveja isso

  4. @Mastergamee1 No vídeo de amanhã eu falo um pouco sobre isso, ainda vou marcar uma partida de Uncharted 2 com a galera, fique atento o/

  5. @ricolol1 O ultimate MVSC3 vai sair por 40~50 dólares se pá … esse dai ta 20 o normal .. 35 com a lata especial o/

  6. I always imagined Taskmaster had an evil "dead-like" voice. They just made him sound like a faggot. Not cool Capcom…

  7. @downwitursyztem I would recommend naruto ultimate ninja storm. There are 3 of them and it took me a very short amount of time to begin to kick butt. Great game.

  8. I wish the stupid xbox 360 controller had a better D-pad so I get actually enjoy fighting games

  9. this what i don't get for ultermate marvel picked the chraters but capcom let there fans pick so were on earth is mega man or x

  10. @rajlle same here….but of course all the haters are gonna talk smack and all that stuff. I'm glad a better version of it is coming out in a a few more weeks

  11. I'm glad i didn't buy this at release, cuz i knew that Capcom would re-release it. Like always. Saved myself some money.

  12. @wwf17 you do realise I'm talking about what the characters look like and not the gameplay right?

  13. @shadowkid1993 because the prequel is better. It has more characters and i personally prefer the 2D sprites on MVC2 to the 3d guys on MVC3.

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