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MMORPG’s for Xbox 360?


Does anyone know of any really good MMORPG’s for the xbox 360? I have heard of a game called APB but tis not out yet so im looking for something else. All fun MMORPG titles will help.

for someone who can give me a list.


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  1. Sadly there is basically no MMORPG’s out right now for the 360, the only one is Phantasy Star Universe.

  2. i wouldnt buy any of the ones currently out, eventually age of conan will come out for xbox 360, i would definitely purchase that though

  3. The only one that comes to mind is Final Fantasy XI. Unless you’re Japanese, you’re in for a cruel awakening. I heard that Japanese players aren’t very nice to non-Japanese players. They refuse to help you with anything.

  4. as previously mentioned final fantasy is available for xbox 360. contrary to the previous poster however, the japanese are particularly helpful if you are courteous to them. the vast majority of people you run into will be north american and the most recent expansion pack of this game has breathed some new life into it. the only problem is that it has been out for a long time, and thus a lot of people are veterans. ie. 80-85% will have multiple maxed out characters. that being said it is a great game and if you are truly looking for an MMORPG on the 360, ff is your best bet.

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