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Multiplayer Problem MW3 Helppp!?


i go MW3 -> Multiplayer -> Find Game -> TDM and then the game starts trying to find a game it says 50 potential games then the searching stops at 50.9% its allways the same my nat is open and the disk is 1 day old some one tell me if this is normal or if theres sumthing i have to do to play

Console is PS3 🙁
i traded in my bf3 for it and i was working with bf3 then mw3 wouldnt work and i threw the recipt out 🙁

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  1. this may have something to do with the wireless antenna inside the ps3 being damaged , any physical trauma could have caused this , if there has been none in its history , then the unit may possibly be defective or u bought it used from gamestop or someone and it was set up for fail (this is very common , ive done this with a critically damaged xbox that would only turn on 3 times then go into red ring of death) , this could be the case if bought used but if not then u may want to look into getting a new console

  2. same prob but i can join my friends games and have 3 bar connection and i was able to play mw3 for like 10 days then it stoped working

  3. Like the first guy that answered this question their might be something wrong in your PS3 u might want to take it to game stop they might be ale to fix it. Also on MW3 when u unlock the SCAR-H u should use that gun very good if u want to rank up also use support not strike

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