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My son fell for an xbox live prestige scam?


About 2 years ago my sons account was taken by scammers on xbox promising him a 10 prestige lobby. All they needed was acc info. He was 9 years old. He did not know it was a scam. Well for those 2 years i had my cc on it renewing live membership every 3 months. What can i do other than take the cc off the acc? Can i get a refund or alert the authorities? The person who stole his acc never used the credit card on anything, but they just never canceled the renewal of live.

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  1. i don’t see what the problem is. if the scammers didn’t use your cc to buy anything, but all they did was not cancel the automatic renewal, then that’s your fault since you had it set up for automatic renewal.

    if you knew your son’s account was hacked, why didn’t you cancel the automatic renewal. if you didn’t know your son’s account was hacked, and you continued to pay for the automatic renewal thinking that it’s for your son to play on xbox live, then that’s your son’s fault for not telling you that his account was hacked. now, if he continued to play on xbl, then i see no problem.

  2. report it to xbox live. and remove all detail of the account

    [url is not allowed].

    Maybe have a chat with them see what they can do.But im pretty sure they wont give u a refund bcuz its ur sons fault

    Also report on xbox.com

  3. I’m afraid all you can do is take the card off the account, there’s nothing anybody can do about scammers, however, if your son knows the Gamertag of the person who scammed him, he can report his user on xbox live.

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