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NCAA Football 09 Review (XBOX 360)


My review after a day with NCAA Football 09. Remember, you can read the full review at www.virtualsportsnetwork.net

NCAA Football 09 Review (XBOX 360)


  1. ic hate whinney bitches who complain about little things in a game. OMG they didnt change the pre game presentation the world is going to end we are all gonna die give me a break. go sweep that sand out of your vagina

  2. it will be road to glory which is litterally campus legend but with geat immprovements

  3. when u win the national championshjip theres no celbration it just goes menu and shows trophy thats retared i think i got nccaa football 08 on ps2 it shows the gatrde ppoared on the coach and them jumping up down and everything thats like college football i wish they kept that put it in 09 and had coach sidelines reacting to things

  4. this game get in my nerves, the playcalling is fraking stupid, i have an HB who is the current heisman winner all american HB, and there some games where the ai goes by an entire quarter without a freaking single RUN PLAY

    pass pass and pass, no matter if is a second to 1 yard, or if you are having an 10 average for carry and your QB have 10 interceptions

    this is freaking annoying

  5. I would recommend buying the game… But again it's about opinion… To me this game is better than this years version of Madden… It is funner, commentary is better, and the atmosphere of the game is right on… I stopped playing it about 3 months ago, because i just got bored with after playing it so much… Get it used, its only 30 or 40 dollars now

  6. this game is alot like 08 so if u liked 08 you will like this one… usually the only way these games get better is new players. everything is similar but upgraded to a degree

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