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Need help here with windows id?


Whenever I log into Xbox live, it asks me for my windows live ID. However, I do not know my windows live id for this specific account. Now, I have already done some things to help myself with this problem:

1. I swapped the WL ID from another account on my xbox to an account with a WL ID with no live account.

2. I would leave the old WL ID for the account I want to sign into that keeps asking me for the WL ID.

The problem is here: I cannot get the old WL ID to be associated with the first account by myself, since I don’t know what it is. I have been told to go to Settings>Account, but I can’t do that since I’m not signed into Xbox Live. Does anyone know of any tricks of how I can get the old WL ID to the first account without going to account>settings, or are there none, and is calling xbox support the only option?

Your answers mean a lot to me. Xbox Live is the main hangout area for me and my closest friends, and I really don’t want to pay sixty for a new live subscription.

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  1. go to Microsoft.com and try logging in with the same email and password as on your Xbox live. because your Xbox live is the exact same thing so Microsoft hooks it up. if you have trouble remembering your password create a new one with forgot password. it might take a while but once you have WRIGHT IT DOWN. then use the same log in on xbox and your golden.

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