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Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite Consoles – Start Your Own Collection


The Nintendo DS and its counterpart the Nintendo DS Lite, are two of the bestselling video game consoles of all time, running neck and neck with the Playstation, Xbox, and even big brother himself–the Nintendo Wii. According to the NPD Group which perfoms marketing research for a wide range of industries, 3.0 million Nintendo DS Lites were sold in the United States during the month of December 2008 . This breaks the record for the most units sold by a video game manufacturer in one month. Sony held the previous record in which 2.7 million PlayStation 2 units were sold during the month of December 2002.

One of the things that makes the Nintendo DS so popular is its portability and the fact that you can purchase the console in twelve different colors. Because of the assorted varieties available some people have started collecting the units. Either they like having a selection to choose from or they think that some day the units will become even more valuable then they are now. Don’t you wish you’d saved that old Atari? I know I do!

There are also many different special edition Nintendo DS consoles which make them even more popular and appealing to collectors. These include consoles developed to promote certain movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or those produced to commemorate the release of classic video games such as the Legend of Zelda, Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy.

Certain consoles were also produced to raise money for charity like the Nintendo DS Lite Pink Ribbon special edition console. One of my favorite special edition Nintendo DS Lite consoles is the Red Mario. This DS Lite console is bright red and features a white cartoon ‘M’ on the front cover which stands for Mario. This console comes bundled with the New Super Mario Brothers Nintendo DS video game which is based on the original Super Mario Brothers game that was so popular when Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

You may be able to find some of the newer limited edition Nintendo DS consoles online such as the Ice Blue console which comes bundled with Brain Age, Red Mario and Pink Ribbon. However, some of the other limited edition Nintendo DS Lites may be harder to find such as the Legend of Zelda console which is a gold DS Lite decorated with a Triforce decal in the lower right corner. Only 1000 of these units were produced in the United States along with a silver “Link” version that was released in the United Kingdom. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one of these unique and rare Nintendo DS consoles at a garage sale or thrift shop I’d definitely snatch it up (after paying for it of course)!

Otherwise, you can find some pretty good Nintendo DS deals [http://www.cheapnintendodsdeals.com/] online if you’re looking for some of the more common DS Lite consoles and colors. For more information on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite video game systems visit: Cheap Nintendo DS Deals [http://www.cheapnintendodsdeals.com/]

Submitted On March 05, 2009Console SystemsDon’t you wish you’d saved that old Atari? I know I do! You can make up for lost time and start your own collection of Nintendo DS consoles. Don’t forget to buy one for the kids!nintendo ds, nintendo ds lite, nintendo ds consoles

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