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PLAYSTATION 4 PRO REVIEW – Happy Console Gamer


PLAYSTATION 4 PRO REVIEW - Happy Console Gamer


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  2. I don't have a PS4 or a pro but to me I think they just want more money greedy ass to not have to come out they pocket on making the 2020 ps5 Sony cut it out because I'm telling u whoever got a ps1.2.3.4 just wait to the ps5 come out because you going out to buy more PS4 you crazy lol u already got a 4 why get more but u don't got a PS4 get the pro if u don't have a 4K Tv you can still get it it's a way to work a round making your smart tv 4K

  3. Guys, stop letting Sony take your money. Their false adverisements of "True 4K" and "VR" is just pure bandwagon. Save yourself some decent money and get a PC, I just want to save your wallets. You can plug in a controller and have nearly the same interface of the PS4 on Steam's Big Picture mode. Whoever says PC isnt for couch gaming is absolutely wrong.

  4. When I played Uncharted on a PS4 pro with 4K I was like jeesssuus christ. Shame about the lack of a 4k Blu Ray player though. Sony really messed up there.

  5. the blue ray one comes in the next playstation 5 after xbox Scorpio and that will have more power then scorpio…its all fixed there both in it together for sales.

  6. my favorite kinda knife nice to see you use one I won't mention any names but butterfly in the sky I can fly twice as high take a look it's butterfly knife.

  7. Its not true 4k its more 1440p. If you want true 4k your gonna need to build a pc. If you have a ps4 its not worth the upgrade especially if you dont have a 4k tv. The ps4 is graphically good. The pro will barely make a difference because it will only do 1440p.

  8. I actually owned the pro and it had to be the most boring console i ever owned. I got rid of it im deff getting the slim though because alot of my friends have the ps4 but i also own a one s. Nothing wrong with having both. Deff getting scorpio aswell lol

  9. No confusion. If you have the base ps4 there is no difference in graphics or fps. If you have a ps4 pro it's way better than the base ps4. Not confusing at all lol

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