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[PS3 Game Review] Macross マクロス Frontier Trial Frontier/ Movie


[PS3 Game Review] Macross マクロス Frontier Trial Frontier/ Movie


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  2. my finances have prevented me from buying the latest hybrid box set.. but i hope to get it before the end of this year… good review. i just hope they make a macross plus compilation.. i will makes sure to import that one day one!

  3. thanks! as they say in zombie land "gotta enjoy the little things" hope you stay subbed for future vids (c= if subbed.

  4. yes sir region free. I would get the next one though "Sayonara Tsubasa" the game is more complete.

  5. @Da1shocker No sorry it doesn't… Although if you really want to "See" this movie with subs theres a couple fan groups that have subbed it… Google search "Macross Frontier Movie Chichiro fanSubs" and should come up via torrent.

  6. Ur favorite macross game well i suposed u play macross ultimate frontier for the psp version actually i think the psp version was better that this one of course the graphics r inferior but the story line is better and come on give some credit to macross dyrl from ps2 that was to me the best macross game ever

  7. @pinoi78 definitely one of my best buys of the year… The game was decent but I got a more than sufficient movie… Was it as good as Do you remember love? no definitely not but a great retelling none the less. I hope the full game is just amazing whenever it comes out. I know the one on PSP has like a story and academy modes and such. I do not have a PSP though so I hope for a console version.

  8. just did another review ofanother centuries epsiode R let me know what you think .. i will post in tomorrow

  9. @Aerodynamisch hey Aero whats up? yeah at first i was very disappointed with it due to the things mentioned… But then I was like "Know what times simple games are fun" and i just enjoyed it for what it was. Macross plus was one of the best ones out. In terms of my faves it breaks down like this if you ever wanna check them out.
    Macross Frontier
    Macross Plus
    Macross Zero

  10. @MrMiddleKick Hey hows it going? I don't think it'll be released outside of Japan. Simply due to the fact the movie is on the disc… No one has the rights to the movie for subtitles so.. yeah.. I would recommend just buying it. It'll definitely work on your PS3. Yeah I need more Mech games in my life.. There isn't too many and the Gundam Musou games are terrible.

  11. I hadn't even heard about this one. Is this going to be released outside of japan ? The graphics look really nice to, especially for a psp port, the models for the mechs look pretty detailed. With the complete lack of good mech games lately i think i wouldn't even mind this kind of more simplistic gameplay, i could definitely play this one.

  12. Very interesting review and game!

    I have not played any Macross game and have only ever watched the Macross Plus OVA's.

    Looks good enough, although I am not that big into the genre.

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