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ps3 internet?


how does it really work? is it wi-fi like phones , does it have bluetooth? do i have to have internet to go wireless or must i have someone around have internet and then i take from them?

please tell me how it works

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  1. the PS3 can use wifi, if you have a 60 or 80 gig, or you could simply plug your router right into it to get the internet. Bottom line is that you must have the internet first, and secondly some type of router, whether it’s a wireless or wired type. Also the playstation network is free to use and even has some free content to download unlike the xbox 360, which makes you pay for xbox live.

  2. 1). 60GB, 40GB and 80GB has a wi-fi (wireless internet);

    2). It has Bluetooth for controllers and other accessoires, such as headsets;

    3). Look at question #1 – you can choose wi-fi or a wired internet. Wired one is faster and more stable, but you’ll have wires to trip over. IMHO, wired is better (I use it).

  3. the answer above is correct but the 40gb can also connect wirelessly connect to the internet

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