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ps3 keeps turning itself off?


my ps3 turns on makes few beeps then turns self off help greatl appreciated please

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  1. Sounds like a heating problem, known as the “Yellow Ring of Death”. It’s common for PS3s to overheat, and if it happen too much, the solder on the motherboard no longer makes contact, causing the system to be unable to boot. Make sure your PS3 has lots of space around it to ventilate. You may want to unplug it and let it cool down for a while. If that doesn’t work, you can send it off to Sony for $150 and they’ll send you a refurbished Slim model. Or, for $180, they’ll fix yours and return it to you. There are tutorials for “do-it-yourself” fixes on the internet, but I’ve heard that they’re a temporary solution at best, and it would void your warranty. Only do it if you don’t want Sony to fix it for you, because once you void the warranty, they won’t accept it!

  2. The ps3 manual says if the ps3 is flashing red than it has overheated. It will flash red to let you know it needs to cool down before use

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