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PS3 Online Question!?


Ok, I have DSL internet, just in case that matters.

I took the modem and ethernet cable from my computer, and went into my room. I hooked the ethernet cable to the back of my PS3, then I plugged it into the back of the modem, and then I plugged the phone cord that was in the phone jack, into the back of the modem as well.

Then I tried to get my PS3 to go online to set up a free account. But it always says DNS error whenever I am trying to get online. I went and changed the network settings and everything and tried it again, and still nothing.

Is there anything Im doing wrong?

Or do I have to hook up my PS3 to my PC to play online? Cause I cannot do that. It says everything is fine, but I cannot get an internet signal.

Anyone help?

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  1. I only have a cable modem, but it should be similar in how they work.

    Plug the phone cable into your modem, and connect the ethernet from the back of the modem to your PS3. Go to Network setup, and do a new setup. Make sure you choose WIRED not wireless. Let the system automatically determine the rest.

    Do a test to make sure it will connect, then create a PSN account. I won’t explain that here, but if you get this far, you’ve solved the problem anyway.

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